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A Healing Touch at Color Up

Massage, bodywork, and energywork can play a significant role in peoples’ physical, mental, and spiritual healing. At Color Up, we are proud to have a highly qualified group of professionals to serve our community and support their wellness journey. On staff, we have licensed massage therapists who are experienced in the art of muscle work to promote deep relaxation. Through intuitive bodywork, our therapists use their understanding of the human body and nervous system to customize services for each individual to provide restoration and healing. The addition of energywork can help people more fully process the physical and emotional trauma that many of us grapple with and strive to overcome.

Glow Massage Denver

Liz Aigner – LMT

In early 2012 Liz was diagnosed with systemic lupus. At 22, this was heartbreaking. It changed the landscape of her life and ultimately changed how she wanted to affect the world. Massage was the one escape she had to relieve the chronic pain and inflammation in her body. In 2014, she graduated from massage school so she could help people who have experienced suffering. From anxiety and depression to injury prevention, autoimmune diseases, and everyday tension and tightness, massage is meant to create freedom so you can live your life.

In addition to massage therapy, Liz uses CBD in her daily routine; it allows her to be a better practitioner and overall human! It has changed her life, and she feels strongly that the plant power to change your life too!

Shakti Soul Collective

Jessica Jean Muir – LMT, RYT

Jessica Jean’s passion is helping people empower themselves and step into their fullest potential on a holistic level — mind, body, and soul purpose. She also loves teaching people the practice of alchemy and helping them to turn their shadow selves into their greatest strengths. She is a bodyworker, trauma-informed somatic and vision manifestation coach, energy healer, yoga teacher and she facilitates women’s circle. All of the work she does centers around creating more safe space, embodiment, and unity in this world.

Ancient Bodyworks

Carri Arada- LMT

Ancient Body Works philosophy is all about treating your entire being. We offer energy healing and physical modalities—meaning we can address the matter at a cellular level and, ultimately, get to the heart of the matter, any issues, and your pain to increase your healing time.

At Ancient Body Works, we see our existence as extremely multifaceted and interconnected. There’s the spiritual body, the energetic body, the nervous system, the lymphatic system, the muscles, joints, and tendons. If there’s trauma stuck at a cellular level, we need to address issues in the spiritual and energetics bodies first. Once we get the stuck energy cleared from your energetic matrix and chakras, we can start to address the physical body. The physical body takes longer to heal than the energetic/emotional being, especially if there was fear or trauma that brought on the pain.

Boundless Healing

Myranda Bennett – Shaman

Myranda was raised in a spiritually-focused home, and her mother, a Lakota guide and intuitive, brought her up with an awareness of the Universal healing light. Myrand herself is an intuitive with Crystals and focuses her interests on the physics of energy and how it brings healing and change to so many.

For 20 years, Myranda has been on a journey of self-healing, enlightenment and spiritual education. Through her studies, she has gained the knowledge needed of the Universal light to be able to help guide people on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Besides her deep intuitive connection with Crystals and their universal energy, she has achieved her certification as a Light Medicine Master Healer and Master of Crystology through the Melody Crystal Mastery Course. She is a guide inducted into the White Buffalo Woman Healing Nation. She is also a High Priestess through the Universal Mystery School.

Empowerment Through Education

Color Up is committed to educating our customers, clients, and community about the ways to utilize cannabis in elevating their lives. We offer education in a variety of avenues ranging from our online Cannabis Master Program to in-house classes at our Wellness Center and more.

Cannabis Master Program

Learn how Cannabis communicates with the body to promote homeostasis in our Cannabis Master Program. You will gain a deep understanding of our Color Up Professional Spa Products and how to utilize them in your treatment room for skincare and massage services.

In-House Education Classes

We offer in-house educational classes at our Denver Wellness Center, but you can also find them at some of our Account Partners’ locations around the country! In these classes, you will get hands-on experience in learning about the uses and benefits of CBD.

Zoom Classes & Workshops

Take any of our in-house education classes online! Join a live webinar or view content later through our archives, and learn about our CBD products and wellness practices that you can implement into your own life. We are passionate about educating you, near or far!

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