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Bringing CBD Into Your Spa!

Register Here! This class will explore all of the considerations you will want to make when deciding to bring CBD into your spa including what to look for in a high quality CBD product, how to advertise, CBD use with POS and online booking, how to talk to your clients about CBD, and more!

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CBD & Traveling

Register Here! If you’re planning on traveling this year, this class will discuss CBD essentials to bring and what to use when traveling. We will discuss the importance of taking care of yourself while traveling and how it effects our immune system.

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Ayurvedic Doshas & CBD

Register Here! In this class we will review the 3 Ayurvedic Doshas, their imbalances, how to correct them, and which Color Up products may benefit each Dosha to bring you back into homeostasis.

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Ingredient Spotlight: The Oils of Color Up

Register Here! Join Emily Davis LE to explore the beautiful oils used in the Color Up professional skincare line. Explore the chemical makeup of your favorite oil ingredients, the benefits, and properties you have always wanted to know about!

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CBD & Scar Tissue

Register Here! Scar Tissue from post surgery or injury can play a major role on how our body feels and performs. CBD can influence healthy scar tissue formation keeping your range of motion fluid and your mind at ease.

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Color Up Your Dermaplane

Register Here! Join Emily Davis LE, and explore the protocol and benefits of using Color Up during your professional dermaplane treatment and plus a demo of the entire service!

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Revive Your Retail

Register Here! Have you already taken the Color Up Give Yourself a Raise and Rock Your Retail? Jump start your retail AGAIN with all new tips and tricks to drive sales this holiday season and finish the fourth quarter of 2020 strong!

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CBD & Women’s Health

Register Here! How can CBD assist us our menstrual cycle, including issues with endometriosis, PCOS, and pregnancy? Exploring these topics and how CBD can be an effective tool for women's health.

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CBD, Headaches, & Migraines

Register Here! Headaches and migraines severity's depend on many factors. From stress to hormonal we will explore different types of headaches, why we get them, and how CBD assists pain, inflammation, and how we can have less of them.

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Hormonal Harmony: The Key To Clear Skin

Register Here! "My breakouts are hormonal". This is something that all of us have heard from our clients, but let's take a deeper look at what that actually means and what can be done about it!

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