If you are a massage therapist, you have probably noticed CBD massage lotion gaining popularity. So, is it something you should use for your massage clients? Why do people like it?

What is CBD Massage Lotion?

Massage lotion is created specifically for massaging into the skin. It has a slightly different consistency than regular body lotion, so it works better for massage. Its texture has enough slip to let hands glide gracefully while still allowing enough grip for the therapist to apply pressure without slipping too much. CBD lotion for massage incorporates CBD into the formula to add nourishment, moisture, and an extra level of zen. Many people find that massage lotion with CBD helps clients reach a deeper state of relaxation and satisfaction with their massage. 

Hydrating and Moisturizing

When people leave the massage studio, their skin feels more hydrated thanks to the massage lotion. This is true with CBD lotion as well. As a massage therapist, when you work on your client’s muscles, the lotion penetrates deeper and deeper into the skin and really adds moisture and hydration. 


Many people prefer massage lotion over massage oil because when it absorbs into the skin, it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy or oily. CBD lotion is easily absorbed into the skin, so clients will be left feeling nourished but not slippery. Massage therapists that use oil may find their clients requesting a towel to wipe off afterward, so lotion can avoid this. 

Better Slip and Grip

Sometimes massage oil can be too slippery for massage therapists who like to work on trigger points. It is unpleasant for a client to feel their therapists suddenly slip off a tender area. Lotion provides a bit more grip while still allowing you to glide across the skin with ease. 

CBD Massage Lotion is Less Messy

Sometimes massage oil can make a mess. The last thing you want is to drip massage oil on the floor and slip (or have your client slip!) CBD lotion is a thicker consistency than oil, so it is easier to control, and you’ll maintain a clean, safe workspace. 

Nourishing to Skin

CBD lotion for massage is packed with ingredients that make skin happy! The Balance Color Up CBD Massage Lotion contains organic jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, almond oil, cocoa butter, and grape seed oil to help skin retain moisture and relax tight muscles. It also contains lavender essential oil for a nice aromatherapy effect for an added layer of zen. 

Color UP CBD Massage Lotion

Our Full Spectrum CBD Massage Lotion has the perfect amount of slip without being too greasy. We’ve added organic ingredients to this formula that nourish and moisturize skin as the CBD melts stress away from tense muscles anywhere on the body. This formula can be applied from the neck to the feet for a heavenly full-body massage experience. Color Up offers wholesale for massage lotion, massage oil, and a full line of other CBD spa products. Visit the website to browse our Pro Line today!

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