Valentine’s Day is about LOVE. Not only the traditional, romantic kind, but ALL kinds of love! This year, join Kathleen Ryan of Mile High Botanics, Shauna Blanch of Color Up Therapeutics and Brett Rezek of Evolve Yoga Denver for a night to celebrate love, friendship, partnership, and family as we honor the respect, support and dedication it takes to lift up those around us and exemplify LOVE in all walks of life!

This event will consist of a variety of partner related activities so please bring a friend, partner, loved one, parent, sister, brother, whoever it may be, so you may share the experience OR come alone and make a new friend! We’ll learn massage techniques & about the benefits of the holistic healing properties of CBD. We’ll practice essential oil infused partner yoga and build malas together to represent our commitment to support eachother. This will help us all to build and maintain strong and healthy techniques for lasting relationships of all kinds.


$35/Person || 2 for $60 || Must be 18 *Contact [email protected] for discounted 2pax rate. Drop Ins Welcomed!

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  • *Please see individual product listing for detailed ingredient breakdown.*