Natural Nail Care in Denver, CO

Natural Nail Treatments with Color Up

At Color Up, we take care of your nails, too! We want our community to have a place to treat themselves to a nail salon experience in a clean, comfortable, and relaxing environment using products that are safe. Traditional nail salons tend to use harsh chemicals that have been associated with serious health issues. We use high-quality, eco-friendly products to keep your nails strong, healthy, and beautiful.

Tia’s Corner

Tiabra Delponte, Nail Tech

Tiabra is a nail technician at Color Up. She has years of experience in helping clients get gorgeous, healthy nails without the use of harsh chemicals like the typical nail salon. She uses natural products to achieve exceptional results keeping your natural nails beautiful and strong.

Empowerment Through Education

Color Up is committed to educating our customers, clients, and community about the ways to utilize cannabis in elevating their lives. We offer education in a variety of avenues ranging from our online Cannabis Master Program to in-house classes at our Wellness Center and more.

Cannabis Master Program

Learn how Cannabis communicates with the body to promote homeostasis in our Cannabis Master Program. You will gain a deep understanding of our Color Up Professional Spa Products and how to utilize them in your treatment room for skincare and massage services.

In-House Education Classes

We offer in-house educational classes at our Denver Wellness Center, but you can also find them at some of our Account Partners’ locations around the country! In these classes, you will get hands-on experience in learning about the uses and benefits of CBD.

Zoom Classes & Workshops

Take any of our in-house education classes online! Join a live webinar or view content later through our archives, and learn about our CBD products and wellness practices that you can implement into your own life. We are passionate about educating you, near or far!

Cruelty Free

Paraben Free

SLS Free

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