DENVER – January 2019 – On the heels of the U.S.
Farm Bill being signed into law, the founders of Denver’s first CBD education
center open a new, expansive campus for the community. Located at 2191 S. Broadway
in Downtown Denver, the Color
Up Therapeutics’ CBD Wellness & Education Center is the city’s largest facility
dedicated to education on CBD and Cannabinoids in Denver. The 12,000-square-foot
campus includes an art gallery, demo
kitchen, retail store, spa treatment rooms and event spaces featuring Cyclorama









intention with the Wellness & Education Center is for it to be the place
everyone visits to learn how to incorporate cannabis into a healthy and
balanced lifestyle,” says Color Up Therapeutics’ CBD Wellness &
Education Center Co-owner Shauna Blanch. Blanch is also the Co-owner and
COO of CBD-product brand Color Up Therapeutics.









Housed in a former warehouse, the multi-use Center is industrial
in design with open piping, high ceilings, seating areas and desks, neutral walls
and dark gray flooring. Color
Up Therapeutics’ lab and manufacturing is on-site, which, Bryce Conley says is
unique, “Color Up Therapeutics is one of the few lifestyle brands where
products are made from scratch. We do our research, formulating, manufacturing
and packaging in-house at the Center.” Conley is Color Up Therapeutics’
Co-founder and CFO.









The CBD Wellness & Education Center also includes:









  • A retail space with an experience table
    for product demos and licensed estheticians offering guidance on how to
    create a healthy daily regimen. Color Up Therapeutics’ products, yoga supplies
    and local jewelry and art are available in the store.
  • A spa treatment room where services
    using Color Up products are offered. Built with
    the intention to bring joy and connection into the community, the Color Up team encourages therapists,
    artists and all wellness professions to practice in the Center. Treatments
    may be booked online. 
  • A large kitchen that will be used
    to host CBD-infused cooking classes, yoga & dinner parties, etc.
  • Two event rooms for yoga classes
    and workshops. The rooms include Cyclorama Walls, which create unique settings
    for weddings, movie showings, and light / laser installments. “We invite photographers,
    videographers and bloggers to shoot in our facility,” adds Blanch. “Additionally,
    we built a professional podcast room as a place for people to have their voices
  • And, Fido can come
    along! The campus is pet friendly; animal rescue events and classes are to
    come about the benefits of CBD for animals.

















To set the scene for showcasing the vast
collection of local art on-site, an Opening
Art Gallery Reception
is set for Feb. 8. February also holds the first class being taught at the new
campus. Geared toward estheticians, massage therapists and other
licensed professionals, a Product Knowledge Training is Feb. 18. “Through this class, attendees
will supply their professional tool belt with all that is needed to thrive in
the world of CBD in a skin care, massage and spa setting,” says Color Up Therapeutics’ Director of Education Emily
Davis.“Of course,‘Love is in the Care’ in February.
All things self-love and self-care will be taught too.” 









10 a.m. – 6 p.m. M-F and 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Sat. and
Sun. with events happening many evenings, the official Grand Opening is
planned for the spring. More information about Color Up Therapeutics’ CBD
Wellness & Education Center is available online and by calling









Color Up Therapeutics
– Color Up Therapeutics creates hemp-derived, CBD products
intended to balance the mind, body and spirit. The brand name represents coloring up your
life, your attitude, your choices, your chakras, and what you eat through foods,
plants and more educated choices. All Color Up Therapeutics products and
services are infused with isolated CBD or Full Spectrum oil CBD from
organically and sustainably grown hemp on a 2018 Farm-Bill-compliant and CDA-registered
hemp farm in Colorado. Licensed by the CDPHE, the brand is strictly cruelty-free, all natural and gluten-free. 









Media Contact:
Debra Locker Group – [email protected]
and 859.536.0282





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