Meditation, exercise, diet, supplements, and therapy: these are all standard ways that people seek a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Today, though, many constituents of the cannabis plant are finding their way into mainstream wellness regimens, and Cannabidiol is one of the most popular therapeutic components being utilized. CBD is non-intoxicating and will not get the user high like THC, but it is a powerful mood-altering compound that can impact the entire body in positive ways. It has been shown to regulate inflammation, pain, anxiety, sleep, skin health, and immune system function, to name a few…

Looking to try a variety of products while learning all about CBD, in our Master Program Core Classes? This is what you will recieve

  • REMOVE - Foaming Cleanser - travel size
  • BRIGHT - Eye Cream - Travel size
  • FIRM - Peptide Serum - retail size 1.69oz
  • REMEDY - Treatment Oil - retail size 2oz
  • ELEMENTAL - Zinc Moisturizer - retail size 1.69oz
  • GLOW  - Illuminating Masque -travel size 
  • EXFOLIATE -Pumpkin Masque - (Pro size Only-4oz)
  • EASE - Pure Massage Oil - retail size 4oz
  • BALANCE - Full Spectrum Massage Lotion - retail size 4oz
  • RELIEVE- Pure Salve- retail size 2oz
  • RELIEVE- Full Spectrum Salve- retail size 0.5oz
  • SENSATION- Full Spectrum Salve - retail size 0.5oz

Please see individual product descriptions for detailed ingredient breakdowns.

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