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Soundularity Elevated Sound Journey

June 4 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Soundularity is an organic/electronic therapeutic sound journey, cycling through multiple healing frequencies in an ambient music context.

About this event

When we shut off our most dominant sense, our vision, our ears become portals into the depths of our psyche. Receiving healing frequencies- while intentionally directing them to specific areas in the body- slow our brain waves, open our hearts, and help guide us into a deep state of awareness.

Come experience the sacred healing modality of intentional listening with a live, ambient music backdrop. Instruments include: singing bowls, analog and digital synthesizers, Native American Flute, harp, guitar, hand drums and more. Soundularity features sound healing techniques such as 432 Hz frequency toning, ambient drones, binaural and bilateral beats, white noise, and calming dreamscapes.

** Please bring a mat, blankets/pillow, eye mask, journal or anything that will you make you feel comfortable on your journey. **

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