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Shadow Alchemy – Connect to Your Power and Most Authentic Self

April 18 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Shadow Alchemy is an experience of deeply connecting to what it feels like to be completely in your power and embodying your most authentic self.

In this workshop we will tap into our power and connect with our most authentic selves. We will feel in our bodies what it is like to be deeply rooted in this space, so we can begin to shed any density, beliefs, thoughts, or emotions that keep us from experiencing the fullness of ourselves and our lives. When we begin to shed what is not for us, we allow what is truly ours to claim that open space, and we can be shown what parts of ourselves are ready to come to light and be seen. You are worthy and deserving of living a life that is truly in alignment with your authentic expression.

It’s not about becoming anything, it’s about un-becoming all that you are not. Who you aspire to be, is already available to you. The version of self you strive for already exists, all that is needed is the space to be able to connect and remember. We all can drop into our hearts and feel in our bodies what it’s like to be in our power and be our most authentic selves.

We sacrifice our power and vital parts of who we are for various reasons throughout our lives, but we don’t need to do that anymore. We can reclaim our power and move from our center.

We will be connecting with the medicine of Black Panther and the energy of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries to assist us in our experience as we navigate our heart space and connect to what it means and feels like for us to be truly in our power and fullest expression of self. Let go of what is keeping you from being in your deepest truth and call in what you want to cultivate as you move forward.


Once you leave this workshop, you will have established a deep connection to your personal power and authenticity, remembering what it feels like in your body to be in this place. As you move forward you will have better tools to be able to discern between what is for you and not for you, and to move through your life from a place of empowerment and clarity, knowing that at any moment you can tap into this feeling.


The evening will consist of:

* Opening Circle

* Authentic Relating

* Guided Meditation

* Somatic Release Work

* Journaling

* Burn Ceremony

* Partner Work

* Closing Circle

* Open Sharing


What the space will provide & what you will receive:

* Safe space to express your truth and go inwards

* Like-minded community

* Connection to your Personal Power

* Connection to your most Authentic Self

* Connection to your heart, the Seat of Your Soul

* Confidence to make more aligned decisions

* Space to release fear, shame, guilt, anger, sadness, and judgment

* Conscious connection with yourself and others


About Darah Bueche

Darah Bueche is an artist, facilitator, intuitive coach, energetic healer, and Creatrix behind The Gaia Codes. Darah lovingly guides others to a place of connection, personal empowerment, and soul fulfillment. Creating and holding sacred space for others to explore their personal truths, and connect to their authentic and wild nature through expression. Using her close relationship with the natural world as a guide, Darah brings in teachings from the stars, Mother Earth, and animal spirits to act as anchors and focal points in her offerings. She uses her intuition to guide her and walks a path rooted in love, freedom, and compassion.


About The Gaia Codes

The Gaia Codes is the vessel through which I create my offerings. The Gaia Codes initially started out as a project about guiding others on developing a deeper relationship with themselves through developing a deeper relationship with the Earth. After a while, it became a lot more to me than just one project. My connection with the natural world is a part of my spirit, and I have a deep understanding that we are made up of the same things. I have allowed nature to humble me deeply, and I want to share that medicine with others. Gaia is our most ancient teacher that we have available to us, and she speaks to us through her elements, and we hear her through our intuition and emotions. The Gaia Codes is about connection, truth, ancient wisdom, unity, love, compassion, and understanding. Placing a focus on the relationship with self, so that we can come into a greater relationship with the whole. When we live in a more connected way, we are breathing examples that there is a more harmonious way to live our lives. There is a more heart-centered way of doing things.


April 18
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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