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“Inoc n’ Talk” – A Beginner Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

May 21 @ 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

learn how to grow medicinal and culinary mushrooms at home! LIVE inoculations and take home an All-In-One Grow Bag! Mush Love, -Charlie

About this event


5:30-6:30: Introduction to the World of Fungi, Inoculation and Clean Procedure Instructional

6:30-7:30: LIVE inoculations and Social Hour

7:30-8:30: (Optional) Q&A, Class Recap, Final Remarks


-Invitation to private MLC Facebook Group**

-Physical Folder with customized “Getting Started” resource document and Links/Guides jump starter.

-Refreshments and social time (while inoculations are in progress)

This workshop is perfect for anyone thinking about or who has already begun to grow mushrooms on the hobby level. The class is designed to be informative, but not overwhelming with an emphasis on physically inoculating a sterilized all-in-one grow bag* made out of sterilized grain and substrate. This bag is included with the $79 or $149 ticket and is taken home to watch grow and “fruit” mushrooms!

A presentation will be given by Charlie Petry, a known mushroom cultivation professional and teacher in the Denver area. Charlie will go over a general overview of the entire mushroom grow process and common beginner issues to relieve the anxiety of getting started in this rewarding hobby along with current medicinal studies and applications.

Note from Charlie: This class is going to be AWESOME. Color Up is such a cool spot and the community is truly welcoming and loving. This class is not a strict and formal classroom style as not only will we learn just how easy growing mushrooms can be, but we will be moving around, playing show-and-tell, laughing, learning, and truly experiencing the moment. Other than maybe a music concert, I can’t think of a more fun thing to go out and do. Bring a friend, significant other, or come a couple minutes early for a nice and easy icebreaker.

Please BE AWARE that we will be working with sterilized syringe needles for the inoculation portion. Caution is advised and this course is not recommended for kids under the age of ten.

*All-In-One Grow Bag comes sterilized and ready to inoculate with provided liquid culture (LC) or spore syringe. We will be using these bags to inoculate (introduce mushroom culture to a medium) which will be taken home to watch colonize, grow and fruited to produce mushrooms! Attendees will be able to pick out of a variety of liquid cultures and spore syringes.

**Attendees will have the option to be invited to join the private MLC Community Facebook Group for support and help by Charlie and other mushroom growers who have taken this course. Participation in this course gives help and support even after the class ends!

 "Inoc n' Talk" - A Beginner Mushroom Cultivation Workshop image
 "Inoc n' Talk" - A Beginner Mushroom Cultivation Workshop image
 "Inoc n' Talk" - A Beginner Mushroom Cultivation Workshop image
 "Inoc n' Talk" - A Beginner Mushroom Cultivation Workshop image


May 21
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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