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Fall Release Circle & Embodied Dance

October 13, 2022 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Move stagnation from the body & mind through conscious dance & slow down into the fall with an intentional circle focused on relationships.

As the leaves begin to change we often find ourselves slowing down from an action-packed summer; giving more time for moving inward and being present with friends and family.

This is why we will be coming together for an Fall Release Circle and Embodied Dance to relax the body, mind, and heart, allowing for a letting go of what is not serving us, while doing somatic practices that will focus on our closest relationships.

There will be written prompts, as well as the opportunity to physically release what is not serving us and to share with others in the circle. This sharing can allow for integration, perspective shifts, and being witnessed as we let go of summer and step powerfully into fall.

More about Embodied Dance:

Embodied dance is a class where we will get the opportunity to move stagnant energy from our bodies! Life’s stressors make it so we store stress in our bodies, even down to the cellular level. Embodied and conscious movement is a powerful way to move this stuck energy.

For the first part of the evening we will:

  • Start with a grounding meditation that is focused on connecting with each chakra center (energy centers in the body)
  • From here we will dance for about 40 minutes where you will get the chance to let go and move intuitively however feels good for YOU, while also receiving helpful cues to help move more from the mind into your body. For this class we will focus on moving through the seasons with music that represents the different energies of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
  • We will end with a meditation allowing for space to integrate the experience and release into shavasana.

This is a powerful practice, where we promise you will you leave feeling lighter and brighter than you have all day or maybe all week. One attendee after class shared that they felt, “Colorful. Like a rainbow.” (No dance experience necessary.)

More about Circles:

During circle we will be working with our relationships. We will be doing somatic practices as well as written prompts with either related by blood or your choose family, connecting with past and present generations. This practice is from Lisa studying DARe- a program that focuses on supporting people in having more content, safe, and fulfilling relationships.

Coming together in an intentional space with others can have profound impacts . This space creates opportunities to remember our inherent wisdom through being witnessed through the eyes of another. Spaces like circles allow for deeper integration and brave space to be able to work through and be intentional about what can be hard to work through alone.

Early bird tickets are $22 through October 21 and $33 after.

If this is your first event with Lisa, please use DANCE at check-out for a discount!


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About Your Instructor:

Lisa is a trauma-informed Somatic Experiencing practitioner in training, breathwork facilitator, and certified Tantra yoga instructor. Lisa is also studying Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning experience which focuses on working with individuals in moving toward a more secure attachment style allowing for more contentment, safety, and fulfillment in their relationships. Lisa is studying multiple modalities to help move more from the mind into the body and to deeply understand how the body works with our environment.

Lisa has brought together all of her learning over the last decade to create Embodied Dance. As a part of her self-healing journey she found that dance and specifically more embodied dance helped her reconnect with a body she often felt dissociated and disconnected from, move stagnant stress from the body, and move more deeply into her power and joy.

Lisa also has worked as a grassroots community organizer in Colorado where she spoke with thousands of Coloradans about difficult topics. She facilitated hard conversations between community members and elected officials. Lisa has also enjoyed co-facilitating a bi-monthly women’s circle with her friends that focused on creating a vulnerable space for women to find community, through sharing their struggles, and setting powerful intentions for the next moon cycle.

She wants to be able to share what she was lucky enough to have learned and experimented with that has lead to a truly powerful class for connection, healing, and fun!

Please don’t hesitate to connect with her through Instagram, Facebook, or email, [email protected]

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October 13, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm