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Brain Basics

June 15, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

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One event on June 1, 2023 at 6:00 pm

One event on June 8, 2023 at 6:00 pm

One event on June 15, 2023 at 6:00 pm

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This series is the 1st 4 sessions of the Brain Basics Series Lisa offers to corporations, but is now opening enrollment to the public!

Brain Basics Class 4 session series – in person starting May 25th, 2023

Many things affect the function of your brain including sleep, stress, environment, toxins and food. In Brain Basics you will learn how nutrition supports your cognitive function and boosts your neurotransmitters leading to increased mood and memory. You will learn about stress and its impact on your brain and how to use techniques to combat stress and anxiety. You will also be introduced to Neurosculpting® which is a meditation modality based in neuroscience to rewire old patterns and create new ones. Lastly, a key point in discussion will be understanding the impact of your automatic negative thoughts and how to redirect them.

The course begins with full brain assessment for each participant. You can see which areas of your brain are working too hard and which areas may need exercise and support. At the end of the course you will do another assessment so you can track your progress.

Reduce & Manage Stress

Stop Negative Thoughts
Set Goals and Stick to Them Easily
Improve Focus & Organization
Cultivate Joy Every Day
Understand & Manage Your Triggers

What each session covers

Week 1 – May 25th 6-7:30pm: Goal Setting Using Your Brain

You have been setting goals your whole life and yet your results greatly vary in levels of success of achievement. Why is it that you can easily crush certain goals, stick to the plan and have minimal detours, yet other goals feel like an uphill battle, a full-on grappling match with your willpower and you have to restart over and over? The answer lies in your brain. If your brain doesn’t understand the goal it can never achieve it. In this class learn the power of Neurolinguistic Programming (the language of your mind) to accurately translate the goal so your brain can stay on course and no longer miss the big high-five.

Week 2 – June 1st 6-7:30pm: The Neuroscience of Stress

Stress. We all have it, and we know we don’t like it, but do you really know the effect it is having on your brain, body and life? Did you know that the brain cannot tell the difference between an actual threat like the house being on fire, vs worrying about your relationship or job security? This creates a lessened ability to access the logical and critical thinking areas of the brain, and completely affects your behavior. You can see how this is absolutely the opposite of what you need to have happen when you are trying to be strategic about the next steps to take in life. In this session we will discover what stress actually is, how it is impacting you physically and behaviorally and simple tools ways to manage it the way the brain wants.

Week 3 – June 8th 6-7:30pm: Automatic Negative Thoughts – Squish Those ANTs

Worry, catastrophizing, jumping to conclusions – all such a waste of time and energy, but we all do it. Why? Because this is what our brain does to try and keep us safe and alive. Gone are the times of times of saber-toothed tigers and dire wolves but your brain hasn’t evolved to the modern era to know this. It now sees your boss, spouse and lack of money as danger or predators and is in a constant search for “safer conditions”. Learn in this class why your thinking can turn negative automatically and learn the tools to manage this reaction to keep you from wasting so much of your time on irrational worries.

Week 4 – June 15th 25th 6-7:30pm: The Neuroscience of Mindfulness

There is so much buzz around the concept of mindfulness – but what is it actually? It simply is a state that resides in our brain.  This is wonderful news since it means we don’t have to travel to Jamaica or sit under a tree barefoot to access it – we can get there from our office desks or dining room tables. In this class, not only how to achieve the state of mindfulness, you will learn what is from a neuroscience perspective. We will discover the benefits to our lives by achieving this state with easy, applicable tools to access it without the expensive airline tickets.


Classes on Thursday’s

  • May 25th 
  • June 1st
  • June 8th
  • June 15th



Early Bird Pricing $140/pp includes all 4 sessions (register before May 18th)

Regular registration cost $160/pp

Classes will be at ColorUp Studio

1448 W Cedar Ave, Denver, CO 80223





June 15, 2023
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Color Up
2191 S Broadway
Denver, CO 80233
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