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A Healing Touch at Color Up

Massage therapy, bodywork, and energywork (also called “energetic bodywork”) can play a significant role in peoples’ physical, mental, and spiritual healing. At Color Up, we are proud to have a highly qualified group of professionals to serve our community and support their wellness journey. On staff, we have licensed massage therapists who are experienced in the art of muscle work to promote deep relaxation. Through intuitive bodywork, our therapists use their understanding of the human body and nervous system to customize services for each individual to provide restoration and healing. The addition of energywork can help people more fully process the physical and emotional trauma that many of us grapple with and strive to overcome.

Glow Massage Denver

Liz Aigner – LMT

In early 2012 Liz was diagnosed with systemic lupus. At 22, this was heartbreaking. It changed the landscape of her life and ultimately changed how she wanted to affect the world. Massage was the one escape she had to relieve the chronic pain and inflammation in her body. In 2014, she graduated from massage school so she could help people who have experienced suffering. From anxiety and depression to injury prevention, autoimmune diseases, and everyday tension and tightness, massage is meant to create freedom so you can live your life.

In addition to massage therapy, Liz uses CBD in her daily routine; it allows her to be a better practitioner and overall human! It has changed her life, and she feels strongly that the plant power to change your life too!

Headshot of Ali Ng

Ng’s Wellspring

Ali Ng

Hello friends! My name is Ali Ng, and I am a therapeutic bodyworker with a passion for providing the relief and revitalization that your hardworking body needs! One busy, stressful day after another takes its toll on your body and overall health whether you are (painfully) aware of it or not. At Ng’s Wellspring, I use a combination of deep tissue techniques and trigger point therapy along with a relaxing, rhythmic flow designed to soothe the nervous system and unlock muscular tension and soreness. To top it all off, I infuse every session with CBD and aromatherapy to further reduce inflammation and provide balance for the whole body. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Visit Ng’s Wellspring to fill it up.
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Lovelight Massage Therapy

Chloe Burroughs

Chloe is a passionate Licensed Massage Therapist, the owner of Lovelight Massage Therapy and the newest member of the Color Up Tribe! She brings with her a lifelong passion for healing and understanding of how the body is affected by trauma, overuse and injury. Her style focuses on a therapeutic blend of deep tissue work, Swedish and Thai massage. She loves incorporating CBD, cupping, breathwork, aromatherapy, and other goodies to help curate an immersive healing experience always tailored to your needs. Visit her website to learn more!
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Claud Star Healing

Claudia Tryon

As a Reiki Master Teacher with a BA in Expressive and Therapeutic Arts, Claudia will guide you through a healing journey to access your authentic self. Claud Star Healing integrates Reiki, Energywork, Chakra Alignment, Expressive Art, Aromatherapy, Tarot Reading, Plant Medicine, Crystal Magic, and Sound Healing.

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