Massage Therapy & Energetic Bodywork in Denver, CO

A Healing Touch at Color Up

Massage therapy, bodywork, and energywork (also called “energetic bodywork”) can play a significant role in peoples’ physical, mental, and spiritual healing. At Color Up, we are proud to have a highly qualified group of professionals to serve our community and support their wellness journey. On staff, we have licensed massage therapists who are experienced in the art of muscle work to promote deep relaxation. Through intuitive bodywork, our therapists use their understanding of the human body and nervous system to customize services for each individual to provide restoration and healing. The addition of energywork can help people more fully process the physical and emotional trauma that many of us grapple with and strive to overcome.

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Vital Kneads

Emily “Milly” Anderson

Emily is a Licensed Massage Therapist who attended National Holistic Institute in 2011 and is dedicated to assisting others on their quest for holistic well being. She offers a unique and integrated approach to bodywork that treats each individual based on their unique conditions and life story. Her aim is to facilitate a safe space for clients to embark on a journey of self discovery and healing by guiding, coaching, and bringing recognition to the mind-body connection. She specializes in physical and emotional pain relief and takes a holistic approach to rehabilitating the mind and body from injuries, stress, anxiety and emotional and physical dysfunction. Her philosophy is that most trauma that’s stored in the mind and body is caused by perpetual postural and energetic holding patterns, unaddressed emotion, and repetitive movements. While Emily considers herself a Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, and Pain Relief Specialist and aims to correct dysfunction in the body, she also thoroughly enjoys incorporating all of her tools into each session, gauging and addressing each client’s specific needs. Emily has worked under a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor and has found an intrinsic understanding in the importance of this ancient preventative medicine.
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Claud Star Healing

Claudia Tryon

As a Reiki Master Teacher with a BA in Expressive and Therapeutic Arts, Claudia will guide you through a healing journey to access your authentic self. Claud Star Healing integrates Reiki, Energywork, Chakra Alignment, Expressive Art, Aromatherapy, Tarot Reading, Plant Medicine, Crystal Magic, and Sound Healing.

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