There are various ways to use CBD, and with all of the various options on the market, it can be hard to decide on a CBD product. Let’s break it down so you can more easily decide whether you want to use CBD oil, a CBD gummy, CBD topicals, or something else!

CBD Gummy

Eating a CBD gummy can be a tasty way to consume CBD. Who doesn’t love a sweet piece of candy now and again? You’ve probably seen CBD gummies on the shelves in grocery stores, gas stations, and dispensaries in varying flavors and potencies. CBD gummies are typically made with sweeteners, coloring, and thickening agents along with CBD to create the right texture and flavor that people expect in a gummy candy. So if you plan in taking one every day, you may want to consider whether those additional ingredients are something you want to put in your body daily. 

CBD Oil Tinctures

CBD oil, sometimes called a CBD tincture, is a great way to consume CBD. It is typically in a dropper bottle with directions on how to dose it and what amount of CBD you will be taking. Bottles of CBD oil can range from containing a total of 250-mg to 1,000 mg or even 5,000 mg. Using CBD oil in this way has some advantages like being able to add it to your own food or drink. This is also a preferred method for many people because CBD tinctures tend to only contain a few ingredients; MCT oil (like coconut oil), CBD, and possibly a natural flavoring. Just make sure whatever CBD tincture you choose uses natural flavoring and no added colors or dyes. 

CBD Oil Capsules

Another way to take CBD oil is in the form of a capsule. These are pre-dosed capsules that you can take the same way you would a vitamin or other supplement. The bottle will tell you how exactly much CBD is in each capsule so you can be in control of how much you are consuming. These are convenient because they can be easily integrated into your existing routine of taking vitamins or medication, you can travel with them without the worry of anything spilling, and there is no guessing about how much you’re taking. CBD capsules typically contain just MCT oil and CBD without any need for flavoring. 

CBD Topicals

This CBD product is used on the skin rather than ingested. CBD topicals come in the form of lotions, salves, body creams, and even deodorant and lip balm. CBD topicals can help soothe dry skin, reduce signs of aging, and keep skin supple and hydrated. Of course, you will want to choose products that contain high-quality CBD and other ingredients that are actually good for your skin. There are tons of skincare products out there, so keep your standards high, especially if it’s something you will be applying to your skin daily, like an eye cream.

It’s All About Preference and Quality

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to choosing a CBD product. Some people prefer the ease of a capsule, while others like to soak in CBD with a creamy lotion. Regardless of what you choose, opt for a product that uses high-quality CBD and other ingredients that you can trust. 

Color Up CBD Products

Color Up uses the highest quality CBD alongside organic, natural, and environmentally friendly ingredients for each of our products. Ingredients are acquired from vendors who are cruelty-free and ethically conscious. Each component is chosen after extensive research and development by chemists and biologists. Try our CBD tincture, CBD capsules, or CBD skincare products today!

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